Ahmedpur East District Bahawalpur (Southern Punjab, Pakistan)

The city of Ahmedpur East is situated in District Bahawalpur (Southern Punjab, Pakistan). This city was founded by a landlord Ahmed Khan Perjani in 1748. On that times the city was on ashore of river Ghara. In 1758, during a flood in river, Ahmedpur East was ruined. After the flood, the city was cultivated again by its citizens. Railway station of Ahmedpur East was built in 1875, which is commonly called as Dera Nawab Sahib railway station. Another honour of Ahmedpur East is that, the second ever ladies hospital in whole Bahwalpur state after the city of Bahawalpur itself, was built in here. The basic stone for it was laid by the lady of ways Roy Hind on 2nd of Dec 1945

It is an important marketing center for the surrounding areas and is located on the crossroads between Peshawar, Lahore, Quetta and Karachi. There are daily train and bus services from Multan, Lahore, Sukkur, Karachi, Dera Ghazi Khan, etc. to Ahmedpur East. Motor Rickshaws are widely spread in the city for internal transport. Cars are also available on rent. Saraiki is the local language of the area. Urdu, Punjabi and English are also spoken and understood by most of the people. It’s altitude from sea level is 400 feet. Temperature varies from extreme hot in summer to extreme cold in winters. In winter it remains between 8°C to 24°C while in summer it remains between 32°C to 45°C. Average rainfall here is approx. 6.89 inches annually.

Altitude: 348 ft. Area: 3,59,006 Sq Acar

Population: 1034689 – census of Health Department Phenq review

Climate: Winter (Oct – March) Max. 75°F. Min. 45° F. Summer (April – Sept) Max. 110° F. Min. 90° F

Rainfall: 4.79″ Annually

Rail Connection

Ahmedpur is connected by rail with all parts of the country.

Internal Transport

Horse drawn vehicles (tonga), motor cycle rickshaws and auto rickshaws ply in the city. cars are also available for hire within and outside the city. Buses And Wagons available in the city.

Bus connection

Ahmed pur is connected by daily bus servis with Bahawalpur, Multan, Lahore, Sukkur, karachi, Islamabad, Muree, Rawalpindi, Sargodha, Sadiqabad, Yazman, Punjnad, Alipur, Dera ghazi khan, Rahimyar khan, Uch sharif, panjnad, etc.

Shoping centre

The main shoping centre are shahzadi market, Pashah market, kangan road, Tehsil Bazaar, and katchery road.

What To Eat

Western and pakistani dishes are available in western style hotels. Lassi, Sharbat and Faluda are local cold drinks. Ahmed puri Halwa (Sweet preparation) is also famous. Amongst fruits, mangoes, water-melons, maltas, oranges, pomegranates, dates and guavas are grown in the ahmed pur and are available during the season besides other fruits.

Local Handicrafts

Ahmed puri ‘Khussa’ (Shoes), embroidery work of all types, brocades, plain delicate and painted earthen pottery for which Ahmedpur is famous and ‘moorahs’ (settees) and other things made of reed.


Ahmed pur has one of the finest staduims in the country having fine cricket grounds, two football grounds, one handball ground, one basketball court and six lawn tennis courts and a covered swimming pool. there is also a hockey stadium which is considered to be the third best in the country after Bahawalpur stadium. it can accommadate 8,000 people at a time.

Wild Life

Hog deer, ravine deer, black buck and Nilgai are common, Fox, Jackals, hares, porcupine, mongoose, lark, owls and hawks are also found. Wild boars are is large number in the forest areas.

People and Customs

The people of the area are very simple and loving . have great faith in religion , Pirs , Saints and Shrines . They love music and singing . Big towns have Schools and Colleges .

Natural Resources, Plants, and Animals

The resources of Pakistan are primarily agricultural. The country’s mineral resources include salt, chromite, coal, gypsum, limestone, manganese, sulfur, clay, graphite, copper, petroleum, and natural gas.Vegetation in Pakistan varies according to elevation. Alpine flora grows on the higher slopes. Forests of spruce, evergreen oak, chir or cheer pine, and a cedar known as the deodar are found at lower elevations.Animal life abounds in Pakistan, including deer, boar, bear, crocodile, and waterfowl. In the freshwater and saltwater areas, fish of many varieties are found. Marine life includes herring, mackerel, sharks, and shellfish.


1 T.H.Q Hospital

3 Rural Health Centres (Mubarikpur, Uch Sharif & Chani Goth)

23 Basic Health Centers All over Tehsil

16 Rural Dispenciries (Dist Governmet)

Nos Union Council Name Union Council No Population Estimated 2006
1 AhmedpurEast City 1 59/1 32409
2 AhmedpurEast City 2 60/2 32030
3 AhmedpurEast City 3 61/3 30572
4 AhmedpurEast City 4 62/4 22921
5 Uch Sharif 63 25045
6 Mehrab Wala 64 22288
7 Tibbi Izat 65 26849
8 Khuda Baksh Mahar 66 24601
9 Sukhail 67 29972
10 Kotla Musa Khan 68 28804
11 Mud Pir Wah 69 26492
12 Kulab 70 30384
13 Bakhtiari 71 31824
14 Chenab Rasoolpur 72 30151
15 Uch Bukhari 73 23808
16 Nonari 74 29529
17 Uch Gillani 75 28206
18 Khurampur 76 30303
19 Khairpur Daha 77 24984
20 Mubarakpur 78 34924
21 Mandhal 79 32160
22 Bhawalpur Ghalwan 80 23334
23 Hatheji 81 30979
24 Janowala 82 20242
25 Chanigoth 83 25054
26 Rajar Hoo 84 23820
27 Kot Khalifa 85 25196
28 Mahand 86 26629
29 Banwala 87 27200
30 Dhorkot 88 29189
31 Ali Kharik 89 28323
32 Other Rural   8225
  Urban 142977
Rural 723469