Well look no further. Get Registered in only Rs 100 & you will immediately be able to see all the names of friends in your city who have also registered their details on this site. We are hoping that, with ur help, the idea will snowball & the database will grow so that this site will eventually be the place to look when trying to locate a friend – no matter how old you are or where you live. Think about it! you only need ever enter ur details once & roughly the year when you left then the chances of getting in touch again are VERY high!!! I hope you will agree with us that this a very efficient way of keeping in touch! If you like the idea then please help us to get the snowball effect going by encouraging everyone you know to enter their details too. If you can suggest a way that the maxalt max opiniones site can be improved then please e-mail us – we would love to hear from you!

Malik Younis Khaliq Yousuf Khaliq Jahangir Shayan haroon Dilshad-Nadeem-Hashmi-224x300
Younis Khaliq Yousuf Khaliq Jahangir Afzal Shayan Haroon Dilshad Nadeem
Sohail Wali Taimoor Ul Hassan Imran Maqbool Syed Saad Nadeem Hashmi
Sohail Wali Taimoor Hassan Mahar Wasim Imran Maqbool Saad Hashmi
Ch. Tariq Iqbal Naveed Watto Umar Bukhari Bilal Rajab NADEEM AFZAL
Tariq Iqbal Naveed Akhtar Umar Bukhari Bilal Rajab Nadeem Afzal
Ramzan Kamboh Faisal M-Latif
Ramzan Kamboh Mohammad Faisal Mohammad Latif